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checkDavis gives her views on charter schools
Last Updated: 18 December 2013
By Staff
Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis says she supports high performing charter schools.
WESLACO, December 18 - For a recent story on gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott’s visit to IDEA Public Schools in Weslaco, the Guardian and KMBH 88 FM sought the views of his possible opponent in the general election.

However, we did not get state Sen. Wendy Davis’ response in time for our story on the radio or the Web. KMBH’s Closer to Home presenter Mario Muñoz asked Davis what her position is towards charter schools such as IDEA. Here is her response:

“Texas needs and depends on a well-educated workforce in order to continue to attract and grow business. I was very proud to co-author a bill this session to help promote that excellence, to help grow charters who are providing superior educational opportunities for the young people of Texas, but also, in that bill, we worked to make sure that we could close poor performing charters more quickly so that those public resources could be used elsewhere.

“Texas has got to get back to the place where we were headed a few years ago, a place that was embracing and understanding the importance of early childhood education; that understands the challenges in a growing population of low-income children who are coming into our school districts, many of whom are not prepared to learn when they come. We have got to set our focus on them and ensure that when they set their first foot on the educational path they have set their foot on the path in a way that helps them to succeed.”

Click here for the Guardian’s story on Attorney General Abbott’s education roundtable discussion at IDEA Weslaco.

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